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Chelsea Classical Studio, Brush Cleaner Sampler Set

Chelsea Classical Studio, Brush Cleaner Sampler Set

Try the Chelsea Classical Studio™ system of cleaning and increasing the longevity of your paint brushes.

Includes the following:

1oz CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner™

2oz CS Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap™

CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner™
Effective oil painting brush cleaner derived from lavender. Naturally safe, non-toxic solution to turpentine or odorless petroleum mineral spirits.

CCS Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap™                                                                   Superior handmade soap for brushes and hands, crafted from all natural ingredients; contains no chemical detergents. Naturally safe, cleans brushes and moisturizes hairs to increase longevity.

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